Hassleback Potatoes with green garlic pesto

Hasselback potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday roast and everytime you want to dress up the humble potatoes.

Falafel Platter with tahini sauce and guacamole

Give the same old pakodas a break and do it the Mediterranean way with these gorgeous and super delicious falafel. Made of chickpea and a few spices, these falafels are deep fried in avocado oil.

Kasuri methi grilled paneer

These kasuri methi grilled paneer are fresh and fragrant from all the herbs, tangy and spicy all at the same time and beautifully fragrant from the roasted kasuri methi.

Mixed Sprout Salad

Use a mix of different sprouts for salads and soon you will reap the benefits of healthy eating. Since sprouts are not cut, their living cell walls are intact, hence these are nutrient packed.

Green goddess feta salad with avocado oil vinaigrette

Salads don’t have to be reserved for summers! Make this green goddess salad with a super delicious avocado oil vinaigrette that will satiate you while keeping you healthy all the year round.

Stuffed aubergine in a peanut and goda masala

We can make curries using avocado oil too! Don’t have any doubts about that. Like this scrumptious aubergine curry.

Garlicky pepper tofu bento lunch with broad beans

This is one of those wholesome lunch meals you can carry to work. In a bento box of course! It takes minutes to prepare so is perfect to even cook in the morning.

Cream of Mushroom soup

This is the comfort soup everyone craves for. Silky smooth soup of mixed mushroom, flavorful and filled with the goodness of avocado oil this easy yet filling soup will have you clamoring for more.

Winter vegetable tehri with foxnuts

Winter is one time when we get the freshest of vegetables in the market. If you aren’t making the best of these locally sourced and grown produce, you are missing out.

Avocado oil mayonnaise with crudites.

For most of us making mayonnaise at home is a new thing and definitely an intimidating thing. But once you try it a couple of times, it starts getting easier to make.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are everything you want scrambled eggs to be except that they are so much more than just that. Flavorful, spicy and so more-ish.