Why avocado oil needs to be a part of your pantry now!

Over the last few years avocado has become a staple in our kitchens. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t given in to the health benefits and the beauty of the buttery green avocado. Otherwise called as “makhnaphal” in India, today avocados are widely grown in India which means next time you go shopping for avocados, please buy local over the perfectly symmetric imported avocados.

Every year there’s a new IT oil in the industry. Food industry stalwarts, chefs work with different oils and after a lot of research one oil takes the cake. This year– avocado oil – is being touted as being the next big thing.

There are so many reasons you should make this almost neutral flavor oil a part of your pantry. Now! With a buttery flavor and high smoke point, avocado oil is a nutritious multipurpose alternative to olive oil. Even your prized extra virgin olive oil.  Thanks to the almost neutral taste of this extremely nutritious oil, you can use the avocado oil for almost anything! Whether you’re frying eggs, baking brownies, roasting vegetables, making pilafs or even homemade mayonnaise, avocado oil adds a smooth, rich flavor.

Thanks to its 500F smoke point, avocado oil is safe to heat up. When cooking with lower smoke point oils, you run the risk of burning the oil, which can produce a foul smell or taste. Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fat, making it a great alternative to oils high in saturated fat, especially if you’re monitoring your cholesterol. Give up on your vegetable oil, which most probably is rancid even before it hits your home. Avocado oil is the perfect substitute! It’s high in monounsaturated fats (the good guys along with saturated fat) and vitamin E

One of the reasons I love avocado oil is because it has a very mild flavor. Unlike coconut oil, you can use it with a wide variety of cuisines and it doesn’t affect the taste of the food. Avocado oil makes a great healthy oil choice for everything from salads to high heat cooking. Plus it’s delicious!


Before you even open a bottle, first thing you need to see is the bottle. Look for oil sold in dark, not clear, bottles. This minimizes any risk for oxidation. Don’t buy raw or unprocessed avocado oil. Look for cold pressed avocado oil. Avoid any oil that is processed with chemicals, caustic sodas, or solvents. Read the label. Avoid any avocado oil that is very bright green, which indicates that coloring was added to the oil.

Now relax and go order a bottle of Healthy Muse avocado oil and start cooking with it. Within a few days it will become the oil you reach for, for everyday cooking!

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