Product Demo Videos

Coupled with quirky narratives & engaging direction, our product demo videos demonstrate how your invention functions in the real world. With its features experienced rather than explained, our contemporary take on your products’ attributes will get your clients on board in no time at all.


Based on real-life events, recounts and recollections steeped in fact, our documentaries are refreshingly honest, meticulously accurate and rich in their innate storytelling.

Commercial Ads

Fast-paced writing, memorable direction, and swift production seamlessly harmonize to convey more than just the brand’s message in our commercial ads – they leave a long-lasting impression on clients; one that makes them immediately set their YouTube controls to replay mode.


Despite being a busy filmmaker who is constantly on the go, travelling from place to place for projects, Latha always squeezes in some shoot time (we mean the other kind) into her jam-packed schedule. No trip is complete for her unless she stops to take in the scenery through her second pair of eyes – her treasured camera.

From the striking, arid forests of Ranthambore to the fresh, green fields of Tamil Nadu, Latha has captured the underlying essence of animal and man in their natural habitats with her lens. Take a look at her signature photography below: